Digital Supervisor Studio

Distributed service architecture for mobile applications control.

The Digital Supervisor Studio (DSS) is the enterprise-grade distributed service architecture that delivers substantial improvements of manufacturing operational procedures with modern mobile technologies.

The DSS is a powerful framework for creation the flexible and scalable remote support solutions in the industry. It helps to control directly all the sensitive technological operations with the instant quality check.

The DSS bases on the set of configurable network services run on the company servers or cloud resources. The DSS services provide a smart communicational and informational environment for field specialists, technical experts and supervisors. The operational procedures and processes in the DSS concept are precisely associated to the detailed technical documents, media files and interactive instructions in the knowledge base.  The company staff can use any kind of devices to access the DSS-based resources: Android/iOS smartphones or tablets with mobile client application, or ordinary PC over the web-interface.

The main functionality of the solutions based on the DSS:

  • Instant user access to the documents, media files and other structured information in the data base over the unified protocol;

  • Audio- and video conference calls between any number of users connected to the system;

  • Acquisition, processing and storage of the media files, timestamps, geolocation tags and other information generated by mobile apps;

  • Creation and uploading the configuration objects for mobile apps, including the interactive workflows of operations and the executable rules for the work process inspection;

  • The smart and fast search service based on keywords, voice instructions, bar/QR- codes, in the context of the certain asset and/or operational state;

  • User access control, authentication and security;

  • Centralized software upgrade in the client devices.


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